Hi-Tech in dentistry

Using the latest technology in dental practice is a benefit not only for dentist, but also for patients. To bring a technology to dental clinic means to create less painful procedures with better quality and hight aesthetic.  Therefore, there's a higher percentage of successful treatment. The laser technology is a sign of progress in quality of dental treatment. A great instrument in dentistry is for example so called diode laser. 

Diode laser in Schill Dental Clinic

On our clinics we use special laser technology called KaVo. KaVo laser is a compact tool designed to be used in oral surgery, endodontics or like a supportive treatment in periodontics. It's perfect for a small procedures and treatments which need to use a laser with lower energy.  

In Schill Dental Clinic we use the most advanced type of KaVo laser, which has an increased performance. Therefore it reduces the exposure time and shortens the procedure itself. After  the treatment with the modern laser, the tissues heal more quickly and without unnecessary complications. A patented water-cooling spray allows to curtail a pain feeling during and after the treatment.


Benefits of using KaVo Laser

Using KaVo laser is convenient for the dentist and provides a high precision of the medical procedure in the oral cavity. This is because laser energy is concentrated in one small spot.  KaVo laser is probably the most versatile tool in your dentist's consulting room. KaVo laser allows gentle and effective treatments without complicated and lengthy healing process.  It's one of the most versatile dental tools  and allows gentle and effective treatments without complicated and lengthy healing process.

It is used to:

  • reduce patient's bleeding
  • treat fungal infections
  • lower a postoperative pain
  • sterilization of the root canals
  • decrease swelling and potential scars
  • decontaminate of irradiated tissue parts 
  • effectively protect against a mouth enivronment against infections
  • reduces the risk of postoperative inflammation


When we use KaVO Laser

KaVo laser provides superior quality for a variety of treatments - for example it is indicated in purulent inflammation, drainage, small tumors in the oral cavity, benign tumors in the oral cavity, fistulas, the surgical removal of gingival (gingivectomy), soft tissue surgery (gingivoplasty) and in the treatment of herpes.

It also works effectively in the treating of inflammation around implants. Used as a tool in periodontics – it individually and selectively recognizes build up of tartar and using visual and acoustic signals it allows their complete removal also from the hard reachable places. 




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